Covid-19 Fundraiser

When Covid-19 hit the UK, we knew that it would impact people in prison in a lot of ways. One issue is keeping in touch with loved ones outside: visits to prisons have been cancelled, which means prisoners are having less contact with family and friends at an incredibly difficult time. Phone calls are extremely expensive and many people inside simply can’t afford extra calls to family in the absence of visits, so we set up this fundraiser to send money to people for phone credit, food and also hygiene items, which many prisons aren’t providing.

So far, we’ve made payments to over 140 people, and we have over 250 more people on the list. We make the payments in the order the applications come in, and we are hoping that people keep contributing to the fundraiser so we can get money to everyone who has signed up. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that everyone who applies will get money, but we will keep sending payments until the contributions run out. Please contribute if you can!

For people with loved ones inside, you can fill out this form so we can transfer money to their canteen account: The details you submit will be kept securely, and once we know the money has been credited, we’ll delete the information.